Sunday, December 24, 2017


The flamboyant New York businessman, Donald Trump, wanted to break into Palm Beach, and unsuccessfully attempted to purchase and combine two apartments in the area.
When he learned Mar-a-Lago was up for sale, Trump offered the Post family $25 million. But, as anxious as they were to sell, the owners rejected him.
Not one to accept defeat, the future Commander-in-Chief paid KFC executive Jack C. Massey $2 million for the land between Mar-a-Lago and the ocean. When Trump said he would use the land to build a house that would block Mar-a-Lago’s lush beach view, its property value declined.
As a result, Trump ended up nabbing the historic estate for just $7 million.

Remember this, George Soros, Mueller, Obama and Hillary: when you challenge President Donald Trump, even if you duck you better watch out.

Friday, December 22, 2017


Needing to be demolished and reconstructed, “Ducks Nest” is located at 305 Maddock Way in Palm Beach, between North LakeTrail and North Lake Way on the Intracoastal Waterway side of The Island. The house is owned by the Maddock family. They have lived there since 1891.

One can “go to school” with this property to watch the steps that must be taken for similar homes needing rebuilding and reconstruction.

The original modular house was shipped by Henry Maddock from Long Island, by barge and train, as two portable frame houses that formed a modest 1-story home. At that time it was among ponds, marches, pineapple fields and coconut trees. The property is adjacent to the Old Bethesda Church. The 15-room house is supported by rough-hewn joists and rafters numbered for placement.  Porches, terraces, and distinctive rooflines are featured, with rooflines trimmed with scalloped barge boards.

The wild ducks that gave the name to Palm Beach’s oldest residence have vanished, but the home endures, needing many changes to be livable and up to code.

As The Island of Palm Beach seeks to grow with the times, more than 500 homes have been demolished in the last twenty years. This Maddock Way home has problems that include weather intrusion, water damage and structural deficiencies and the windows do not meet wind-resistance requirements.  

With building code and life safety issues, the owner’s plan is to demolish the wood frame walls and replace them with concrete-block walls. The plans are focused on staying as true as possible to the original concept. 

The current asphalt shingle roof would be replaced with same material; shingles currently are a fish-scale pattern. Wind-load glass would be installed to protect stained-glass windows.  A pool and changing room would be added to replace the existing garage to meet setback rules. A new 2-story garage would be built on the south side of the property, within the setback. 2000 sq ft will be added bringing the total to 6,000 sq ft.  

Expansions were made several times including alterations designed by John Volk in 1954.  It appears that permission to demolish a landmarked house is being sought and is favored by some landmarks commissioners, with an eye to preserving the charm of the house. 
“I have never seen a house with more charm or whimsical nature than this one,” said one of the Commissioners, and he also said, “I have never seen a house with such poorly constructed materials…. But it is the charm and its story that is historical, not the materials.”

We can find you the home of your dreams, historic or not!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

3 Trends in Kitchen Hardware to Keep an Eye On

You don’t have to transform your entire kitchen to feel like your kitchen has been upgraded. All you have to do is update some of your kitchen hardware, like the knobs on your cabinets or the handles on your drawers. You’ll get that new kitchen feel for a fraction of the cost. However, choose your new hardware wisely. Here are 3 trends in kitchen hardware to keep an eye on.
1. Artsy knobs
The great thing about the term “artsy” is that it’s totally up to your interpretation and discretion. You can take your pick of colorful knobs, varying sized knobs and knobs of many different styles. Got a theme for your kitchen? Go all out by getting knobs that matches your vision. 
Whatever your method of madness, personalize your kitchen in the subtlest and classiest of ways so you can impress guests. You can peruse the knob section at Home Depot or Lowes for ideas, or you can check out what’s new in the DIY section of the internet.
2. Bar handles
You can make your kitchen seem more modern and sleek without replacing a single panel or backsplash tile. Just incorporate long, straight lines in your kitchen with bar handles.
These handles are most commonly seen in restaurant kitchens: They’re long and slim metal bars that run the length of drawers. They’re not only great for design but also for utility. You can be completely engrossed in a recipe, reach over to grab a drawer handle and grasp it every time, without fail.
Now, if you have a theme for your kitchen, these handles are maybe not the best way to go. If you’re going for minimalist and even futuristic vibe, these handles are for you.
3. Finger handles
Although they may look like it, finger handles aren’t actually tiny shelves for mice (knock on wood that there aren’t really mice in your kitchen). These flat, stainless steel handles work great for the lower, base cabinets in your kitchen. Just slip a finger or two under the small lip of the handle to open your cabinets.
They look great and they’re completely functional. No more bending down to open a cabinet just to discover the pot you were looking for wasn’t even in there.
Pro tip: Updating the hardware in your kitchen is a great way to spruce up your kitchen before showing your house to prospective buyers. When you’re ready to sell your home, give us a shout. We’re here to help.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Take a room-by-room tour of the inaugural Kips Bay Palm Beach Show House

Villa Belmont in El Cid was built in 1925 and is open for tours until December 19th with 15 different designers presenting very interesting decorations.

Don't miss seeing this article from the Shiny Sheet and photos of these innovative ideas.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017


Emeraude Condo in Palm Beach with ICW and Ocean views. 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, 2145 living sq ft.  $1,075,000.  Come and take a look.  Penthouse (5th Floor). Call or text 561-302-3388~Marilyn Jacobs with Donohue Real Estate in Palm Beach.  RX-10383764.  Furnished Cabana included.  Fitness center, Library, High Security, Doorman, 27 units in the building.  Best unit available on the beach. HOA is $1100/month.  


Fitness Room, Library, Club Room in Building
Furnished Cabana Included

Short Walk to Lake Worth Beach and Bridge
and to 
Charming Downtown Lake Worth with
shoppes, Museum, eateries

Call Marilyn at 561-302-3388 for listing copy with 44 pix


Friday, November 10, 2017


Currently, Lake Worth has issues re hurricane protection for historic homes. Not a new issue for Lake Worth, the owners of designated historic homes have been complaining to city officials.  There are problems replacing doors, roofs and windows relating to application approvals taking a long time.

This past week, the city commissioners unanimously passed an updated an ordinance relaxing the rules and making it easier to get hurricane protection but design guidelines will need to be put in place. The Historic Resources Preservation Board has expressed fears that these changes could jeopardize the city’s program and possibly its state certification. Rules are set by the state’s Department of Interior.

At the second reading a Commissioner stated, “I’m very excited about the design guidelines, but I’m also very concerned about the design guidelines.” “I’m concerned they’re not here. And why are we going out to get someone else to write our design guidelines? We have all this staff on board.” 

Yesterday The Preservation Foundation of Palm Beach presented an interesting Historic Properties Workshop on, “Redevelopment in Historic Neighborhoods”. One Palm Beach resident, whose family owned a 1939 north end cottage for many years, went through the history of the property since it was built with 2 bedrooms, 1 bath, showing photos of various stages of development with additions and changes.

Examples of traditional and big box homes:

The Big Box designs vs traditional styles was discussed regarding St. Petersburg on Florida’s west coast. Photos were shown illustrating the traditional styles clashing with big box styles in predominately traditional neighborhoods, disturbing the homogeneous appearances. Some were next door to each other or across the street. 

The benefits of the historic tax credit were also discussed. Giving tax abatements for ten years when changes are approved, illustrates a reason a buyer might consider purchasing a historic home and doing renovations that are paid for by tax abatements.

Historic preservation is a subject dear to many residents’ hearts in various early-settled cities.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017


The former home of railroad magnate Henry Flagler, “Whitehall,” America’s first museum, is a National Historic Landmark known as the Flagler Museum.  It was completed in 1902. The architectural style is Neoclassical and Beaux-Arts.

Take a guided tour and see the changing and special exhibits.  The Gilded Age Décor is elaborate and beautiful. Many original furnishings and art are in the building. It is located at One Whitehall Way in Palm Beach.
The exhibit depicting our WWI “swashbucklers in the skies” in the early days of aviation, runs through December 31, 2017.  This year is the 100th anniversary of America’s 1917 entry into WWI.  Aviators were daring, patriotic, and adventurous.  Included will be works of art, artifacts, and printed materials, all on loan from the private collection of Jean S. and Frederic A. Sharf.

Guided tours are available Wednesdays at 10:30 am and 3:30 pm. Museum admission is free to active duty, reserve, and retired US Military (with proper identification). Check out the illustrated lecture that will be presented to museum attendees on Saturday, November 11 at 11:30 and 2:30 pm. RSVP to 561-655-2833. The 1927 Hollywood film, “Wings,” tells the story. Enjoy the price fixed lunch ($22) at the Café des Beaux-Arts in the museum which reopens on Friday, November 24th.

A series of lectures will cover WWI in more detail.  Take your children, especially teens, to learn about past history: “Learning about past history will help prevent making the same mistakes.” For current brochure: Museum Membership information can be found at: and other memberships are available as well. For more information call 561-655-2833.  This is a popular site for weddings and special events.

Monday, October 23, 2017


In a quiet corner of West Palm Beach's Presidential Estates, where luxury homes abound, some on the waterfront, you will find WHITEHALL CONDOS.  There are sparkling white buildings with catwalk designs that bring N'Awlins to mind.  Beautiful gardens, flowering bushes, and palm trees are meticulously cared for.  It is quiet, peaceful, and there are a beautiful Olympic-size pool and a small clubhouse on the grounds.  Meandering paths have pretty views and an occasional bench to sit on and rake in the colorful pastoral views.

The new Banyan Cay Country Club is being built next door with a Nicklaus golf course, hotel and clubhouse, and they accept outside members.  Guard gated at the north and south ends, this is a safe secure community.

All units have 1385 living sq ft. They are spacious with a huge walk-in master closet, two bedrooms, two full baths, laundry room with storage space and a bonus room for storage or other usages.  There is a wall of windows at the end of the living room. Some overlook water views, some overlook the golf course.  Others overlook gardens. Kitchens have all the "usual" appliances and a small area for a snack. Some kitchens are updated, some are not. There is a pass-thru window from the kitchen to the dining area.

A property manager can handle "fix-up" that renters request and collect 
the rent for you.

If you are a large investor, this could be a way to start off younger members of your family learning about real estate investments "as they go."

Some of the Whitehall condo owners have two, three or four units that are rented out. Priced at market value, they sell and rent quickly. The units can cost from $114,000 to $140,000, and with many upgrades can cost more.

If you like this idea, give me a call or text me at 561-302-3388 and let me show you some units and the grounds.

Marilyn Jacobs, Realtor

Tuesday, October 17, 2017


The Frisbee Group is developing the former Testa property, at the east end of Royal Poinciana Way, as you may have heard.  Many new condos will be going up, and underground parking built-in, a much-needed project.

The Breakers Hotel, a Palm Beach gem, has entered into an agreement with The Frisbie Group to buy the commercial ground floor of the mixed-use development for a restaurant and retail space.  ETA is 2020.  The Frisbie Group will retain ownership of the 2nd-floor luxury condos to be built there.  The plan is for the condos to have four or five bedrooms.  The public areas and parking garage will be owned by The Breakers.  Some refer to this area as Palm Beach’s Main Street, and with the new changes coming, that is predictable.

Location is at the north end of the Breakers golf course between the ocean and Cocoanut Row.  The Testa Family’s restaurant opened in 1947 and quickly became a popular eatery where you could eat outside (and watch the passing parade) or inside.  They may open a new restaurant on the site or elsewhere.

The Flagler Memorial Bridge, after undergoing about five years of fixup, has completed construction and that may revive the historic Royal Poinciana Plaza, with its restaurants, real estate offices and more.  Renovations in Bradley Park, including moving beautiful large historic tree there, and other additions and changes are being made.  

The area may become as booming as Worth Avenue, which is adding Lilly Pulitzer, an art gallery, a salon, and a café.  You won’t find Cartier, Tiffany, and Hermes there anymore, but there are still plenty of beautiful upscale shops and some great restaurants, like Taboo.  Look forward to celebrations of all the openings that will be coming.  Enjoy the essence of Palm Beach and attend as many openings as possible.  Whether you live in Palm Beach or just love to eat and shop there, be part of the fun.

Sunday, October 15, 2017


The generous donation of a historic buttonwood tree that originated in Phipps Park in Palm Beach and was just moved to Bradley Park was made by Steven Levin, who paid for the moving by barge of the 42,000 lb tree from his property on North Lake Way.  Mr. Levin will pay $2000/year for maintenance for five years.

Stretching 35’ high and 50’ across, the man in charge of the physical move, Sean Jacobus, has been moving trees for many years and said this was the most magnificent one he has moved.  He has worked on the tree for six months to get it ready to move.  It was lifted and placed on a barge and will be placed and positioned in the same alignment toward the sun that it had in its original location.

Orchids grow throughout the branches of this historic tree.   It is now in the northwest corner of Bradley Park, and a variety of birds is busy examining it already.

Dedicated Palm Beachers are interested in preservation, particularly of historic items.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Is Baseball your game?

Take me out to the ballgame…. At THE BALLPARK OF THE PALM BEACHES.

Take your pick: Watch the NY Mets, Houston Astros, Miami Marlins, Washington Nationals, St. Louis Cardinals, Atlanta Braves, Boston Red Sox, Detroit Tigers or Minnesota Twins.  

Located at 5444 Haverhill Rd, West Palm Beach, FL 33407.  


Google Ballpark of the Palm Beaches or call 800-840-9227.

Have a great day!

Friday, August 18, 2017


One lot is under contract and the other four are available for sale.  Prices range from $6.895mm to $14.495mm.  The plat won approval in July.  Total acreage is 3.4.  The location is South County Road at the northeast corner of El Bravo Way, four blocks from Worth Avenue.

The developer who owns the properties might develop homes there himself or with others. He paid $39mm and purchased the property from Columbia University.  Kluge had bequeathed the property to Columbia University.

This is the first major subdivision in recent memory in the Estate Section of Palm Beach Island.

Photo is courtesy of Christian Angle Real Estate.

Friday, August 11, 2017


You spend a lot of time focusing on what you eat and how it impacts your health. But there’s more to being healthy than what we put into our stomachs.
Here are just a few of the essentials:
·       You need to give your body the right amount of rest.
·       You need to stimulate your mind and expose yourself to beauty.
·       You need to make sure that the air that you breathe is healthy and clean.
Did you know that there are house plants that can meet all those needs? It’s true!
No matter how well you clean your home or how organic the products you buy, toxins in the air are hard to wipe away.
Some can cause allergic reactions and illness. But there are houseplants that remove impurities from the air while they help add to the warmth and serenity of your environment.
They’re easy to find and inexpensive too!
By adding any of these green beauties to your home you can give yourself greater peace of mind and cleaner air to breathe.

1. Boston Fern
Boston Ferns are the most efficient air filtering plant you can buy.
They’re also available for purchase everywhere… chances are good that if your supermarket sells plants, they will sell Boston Ferns.
Keeping a Boston Fern healthy is pretty simple. Give it a dose of plant food once a month and water it regularly. If you live in a dry area, you should mist it once a day too.

2. Palm Trees

These tropical beauties are very good at removing toxins like formaldehyde from the air.
The Dwarf Date is best of all, but other good choices include the Parlor Palm, a Bamboo Palm or a Lady Palm. Palm Trees will flourish in a sunny spot in your home.

3. Rubber Plant
If you think your home doesn’t get enough light to sustain a plant, try a Rubber Plant or a 
They don’t need much sun and they do a great job of cleaning the air.

4. English Ivy
This is another plant that is sold just about everywhere.
Though most people think of English Ivy as a climbing plant that lives outdoors, if you keep it inside it will stay pretty compact.
It needs very little care – just water and mist once a week or so – and it will keep your air free of toxins and mold.
In fact, a study showed that it cuts airborne mold by 94%.

5. Peace Lily
There are a lot of good reasons for choosing a Peace Lily for your home.
This beautiful plant needs very little light and will bloom all year long. It is good at removing all types of harsh gases, and even adds humidity to the air.

6. Aloe Vera

This spiky succulent is not only good at improving your air quality: you can also use the gel that flows through its leaves to help speed healing.
It’s an especially good plant to keep in the kitchen to quickly soothe the pain from burns.
Yours in health and happiness,
Danette May
America’s Leading Healthy Lifestyle Expert

Friday, July 21, 2017


We have a beautiful historic green buttonwood tree, 80-100 years old that will soon move from Steven Levin’s property on Lake Avenue, south of Bradley Park, to a prominent position in Bradley Park, with the Town Council’s approval.  It was once part of the Phipps Estate.

Mr. Levin will pay the $50,000 cost of moving the tree and five years of an estimated $2000 for tree maintenance. This lovely Park is undergoing beautification.  It is expected to be completed by November and includes a new entrance, four gardens, a gazebo overlooking the Intracoastal Waterway, a granite path and new restrooms. The park’s 2-foot Artemis statue also will be moved and its damaged figurine recast.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

TRAVEL CHANNEL.COM named Palm Beach as one of the top 10 beaches in Florida.

The easternmost town in all of Florida, Palm Beach is lined with its namesake majestic trees and loaded with beautiful beachfront properties, high-end hotels and sprawling resorts.
This 16-mile-long, half-mile-wide island is the epitome of wealth and extravagance. In times past, it served as the winter home to the Vanderbilts, the Kennedys, the Rockefellers and other millionaires. True to form, the town still features some of Florida’s finest hotels, restaurants and shops, as well as beautiful beaches. Perched next to the Gulf Stream, this beach town also enjoys the extra benefit of warm blue water and gentle breezes.

Monday, July 10, 2017


The Shiny Sheet, in their July 9, 2017 issue, references Laurel Baker, Executive Director of the Palm Beach Chamber of Commerce re ideas about revitalizing the 3.92 square miles of Palm Beach to “recapture its sense of place.”

Landmarks and gardens have been restored and preserved by the Preservation Foundation and the Garden Club. The Frisbies (working to update Testa’s Restaurant and re-do fading buildings and empty spaces along Royal Poinciana Way) and UpMarkets (who are trying to bring performances back to the Royal Poinciana Playhouse) are making transformations but not without frivolous lawsuits.
Here is a list of recommendations listed in the Shiny Sheet with my edits in parentheses:
* Studies – spending more and more money to affirm/confirm what is already recognized is poor stewardship and planning. Thirty years and three studies [but] traffic and parking problems [still] exist. Clearly, alternative means of transportation/parking are needed.  (I read that the new downtown Palm Beach condos that will be built by the Frisbies will have parking facilities but more ideas are needed to get shoppers into the area.)
* Exclusivity – for any suggestion made, the response has been “…that’s so West Palm Beach…” Re Trolleys that move 600,000 people a year create more parking and cut down on traffic. Should they really be dismissed out of hand? (Note that West Palm Beach is adding several expensive condo developments, and it is reported that some Palm Beachers are selling their mansions – which perhaps will be torn down and rebuilt by the new owners - moving to those buildings on the intracoastal waterway. The scenario is changing in favor of West Palm Beach and we are waiting to see the buildings go up and become completed that Jeff Greene has in his portfolio. Communities such as Westlake are being developed in the northwest area, and are becoming cities of their own.)
* Beautification – clean and tidy is essential but does not necessarily equate to beauty if designs are stifled. Palm Beach should ooze luxury, beauty, and abundance. Bring on the wow. Bring back the fun.  (Preservation Foundation is doing that, a real good start to more restoration and beautification.)
* Ancestor worship – times have changed but many of the outdated legislation remains, particularly the proof of being “town serving” (defined by something that will NOT attract people from across the bridge).The big stores came, the small ones were pushed out. Until recently, Palm Beach institutions such as Testa’s, Mildred Hoit, C. Orrico and The Church Mouse have still been required to submit annual reports to prove themselves town-serving. Really?  (Be careful or they will move to West Palm Beach too.)
Let’s take this small, rich enclave of well-to-do, educated, high-achievers and get real, get positive and get going.
* Acknowledge the good that is here and make it better
* Initiate from the positive, eliminate the negative. Palm Beach cannot go back to the 1950s and ’60s.
* Recognize that big changes occurred in the 1980s that forever altered the town
* Invest in the town – bring back some of the small shops from the past, whether it was a coffee shop, small boutique, bakery or home delivery service.  (It is still difficult to get a table for lunch at Greene’s Drug Store.)
* Talk with others about positive opportunities. The chamber, Civic Association, Garden Club, Preservation Foundation, Citizens’ Association and Town Council are really all on the same page, looking to make Palm Beach all that it can and should be. (Join some of these organizations and contribute great ideas… and some money.)
The greater threat facing the town is the continued loss of retail/commercial activities. Density is not bad – it brings more goods and services to a community and keeps taxes down. Ease of moving about the town creates greater engagement and a better sense of community. (What are the specific moving about the town ideas? Buses? Are Uber and Lyft working there? Not everyone wants to ride on a Segway.)
This year's overwhelmingly new development is having a sitting President with a home in Palm Beach.
One thing is for sure.  When Palm Beach residents get really involved, things get done and beautifully so.